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Isn't Your Life Worth More Than One Afternoon Of Your Time?!?!

We offer an self defense program exclusively for women. This program is designed to help you "get away", not necessarily "conquer". The course is one afternoon and contains ALOT of information. Course content includes defense for attacks from many angles including front and back, wall attacks, and defense from the ground. Other aspects of the course cover various target points, also called pressure points, on the body to help in slowing down or hindering an attacker. This seminar is a MUST for any woman looking to enlighten herself on defensive tactics for everyday confrontational situations - which can occur to ANYONE at ANYTIME - and by investing one afternoon - it could make a difference!

What Is Self Defense?

Self-defense isn't about doing moves or using techniques -- self-defense is what you think, and more importantly, HOW you think. Techniques are the easy part -- any teacher could teach you the basics in a very short time. Self-defense techniques are simple, efficient, and straightforward -- not difficult. Forget all the stuff you see in the movies.

The tough part is in your mind. Self-defense is about your body being yours and no one else's, about making your own choices and controlling your own life, and about doing whatever is necessary to stop other people from hurting you. Self-defense is NOTabout hitting and kicking people -- though at times that may be necessary.
Self-defense is what you do to keep yourself safe, and in control of your own choices. Every time I have helped in a demonstration of self-defense, there is one person who ALWAYS says, "But I could never do that to anyone!" What they are thinking is, "I couldn't ever put someone's eye out!" The problem is, they aren't thinking beforehand: "Could I do that to stop someone else from hurting me? From hurting someone I care about?"

That's the real question. When we are talking about self-defense, we are NOT talking about picking fights, walking up to someone and beating them up, or whatever -- we are talking about doing what you have to, to stop someone else from hurting you or someone you care about.

Some Light Reading From A Survivor...

The first thing that comes to mind is describing what a miserable feeling it is to have been attacked, assaulted, hurt by someone.

Tell them to learn self-defense so they never have to experience the terror and helplessness at the moment when you realize you are not strong enough... and he's too strong.

Tell them that the side effects of being the victim of a violent assault can be non-trivial. Fighting back is justified because it can save you from having the mental and physical scars of an assault to deal with for the rest of your life.

Tell them they have to learn how to fight back for themselves because the ugly reality is that people would rather turn their heads than come to your aid if you're in trouble.

Tell them that being a victim stays with you for life, that you cross through a turnstile at that point, and that you will never be the same person again.

Tell them that by successfully defending yourself, you help to make the world safer for ALL other women, because you prove, to at least one criminal, that NOT all women are easy prey.

Tell them that learning self-defense is better than waking up screaming and crying at night from nightmares.

It's not as hard as you think to learn how to defend yourself. It is much harder than you think to recover from rape or assault.

Learning a trained counterattack is a woman's best chance of avoiding rape and surviving an assault.

What Is The Verdict?

Sarah Fleischer, 98 Rock Radio Baltimore -
"As I have personally attended John Tucker's Womens Self Defense class, I can attest to its need and effectiveness. My own daughter was attacked after having taken the class with me. She reacted well and was able to scare off  her attacker . She was naturally shaken by this unfortunate situation but was unharmed . We are all vulnerable and need to learn how to defend ourselves in a bad situation. John teaches the skills needed to react quickly and with confidence. He instructs with effective one one one demonstrations and covers all types of defense mechanisms. John is hands down one of the best in the business of keeping you safe and well prepared for the worst."

Connie F., Koreena T, Kaleene T -
"I was a newcomer to this self defense class, something I always wanted to do for myself being put in difficult situations in my life prior. This time I was able to learn how to keep myself safe along with my two teenage neices who joined the class with me. The techniques taught and the words spoken were a total eye opener to not only me but two young teenage girls. We are now much more aware of our surroundings and look forward to taking more classes."

Karen Y. -
“I have participated in several Womens Self Defense classes held at Mr. Tucker's school. Each time they taught something a little bit different along with the basics. I always left the class with the confidence to be able to handle situations and to be more alert and aware of everything around me.”

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A Typical Scenario Such As This.....

You Are Approached By A Stranger....

He Initiates Aggressive Behavior....

You Retaliate With A Defensive Technique...

You Get Away With Your Life And Well-Being

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